Billi: “A Symbol of San Antonio’s Startup Ambitions”

Unveiling the Symbol of Startup Ambitions and Community Creativity
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Billi: “A Symbol of San Antonio’s Startup Ambitions”

In the vibrant heart of San Antonio, an extraordinary and captivating art piece is coming to life—one that transcends mere artistic creativity. "Billi," a commissioned art installation by The Down Market and Symbio Hush Creative in collaboration with Artist Mike Comp, Nomore, and The MASA Collective, is poised to make a profound statement. This enchanting unicorn symbolizes the elusive $1 billion valuation that has remained an unattained goal within San Antonio's startup landscape.

Billi's creation goes beyond being a conventional art project:

- It embodies the spirit of community-based storytelling, where style, art, and technology converge to foster economic prosperity.


- It represents the relentless pursuit of excellence, innovation, and achievement within the startup ecosystem.

- It serves as a potent catalyst for awareness, shining a light on the creative thinking and cultural activation capabilities of Symbio Hush and The Down Market, working on behalf of both themselves and their clients.

- It transcends being a mere conference exhibit, assuming a persona of its own. The name "Billi" pays homage to a billion-dollar valuation while intentionally remaining gender-neutral, emphasizing equal opportunity and representation in the startup world.

In San Antonio, where a unicorn company has yet to emerge, Billi's creation marks the start of a symbolic journey. As local startups chase the unicorn dream, Billi embodies their unwavering aspirations and the supportive ecosystem. This installation symbolizes the pivotal role of organizations like Geekdom, Capital Factory, Tech Bloc, VelocityTX, LaunchSA, and others in nurturing San Antonio's startup scene. 

Billi symbolizes what becomes possible when creativity and innovation converge and reminds us that the path to success is marked by determination, collaboration, and support. Billi's journey has only just begun, and San Antonio's startup ecosystem is on the brink of making history.

By showcasing this symbol, The Down Market and Symbio Hush Creative aspire to inspire the San Antonio startup community and their pursuits, no matter how mythical they may be.

Create history, Create together

Marcos Resendez

Ja’el Thompson