The Innovation Center: Irys X Port San Antonio

The spirit of innovation continues in San Antonio
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The Innovation Center: Irys X Port San Antonio

By Beto Altamirano

The spirit of innovation continues in San Antonio! I recently had the opportunity to tour the development of PortSanAntonio's 130,000 square-foot Innovation Center. As a Board Member for Port San Antonio, I strongly support Tech Port's vision, one focused on building the future by providing connected innovations for a connected world. Thank you to Jim and paco for the in-depth tour!

For more than 100 years, the land that is now Port San Antonio has been a center for innovation. Established in 1917 as the site of the former Kelly Air Force Base—where chapters in aviation history were written—the Port has redeveloped the property over the past 20 years to focus on the continued evolution of global technologies. Today, marquee names in the aerospace, manufacturing, cybersecurity, robotics and other technologically advanced industries conduct an array of projects on our large site. Opening March 2022, this advanced technology venue will host live concerts, entertainment, and esports and serve as the next generation of intimate venue design and versatility. Located just 7 miles from downtown, the venue is readily accessible to San Antonio’s 2.3 million population and ready to host major public and private events.

For this tour, @symbiohush and @heyirys partnered to create a First Look & Behind The Scenes video of Port SA's Innovation Center! Shout out to Jael Sundown and Drew Reinartz!